How do I pick between the Right Hand claws or Left hand claws?

Some people choose the claws on their stronger hand. But That’s not necessarily the most effective outcome. The same person may want to have the claws on the Left hand for certain tasks. Personal preference is the ruling factor.  This means that the best answer is to pick the claws on the hand that best suits the TASK that you will be doing. We also carry an option of claws on Both hands.


Why 3 claws?

We based this decision on feedback from thousands of users and they found it most versatile. The pinky doesn’t have the strength to dig like the other fingers do. The pinky is much more useful when unencumbered. The claws are designed for digging and preventing the middle three fingers from from wearing out at the fingertips like on regular gloves. The pinky rarely ever wears out.


What are the materials made of?

The glove is generally nylon Polyester coated with cut-resistant latex. We have nitrile coated models as well for those who are allergic to latex. Each year we are expanding our line and will have other materials soon. Oh, and the claws are made of ABS plastic ( AcrylloNitrile Butadene Styrene ), a very durable plastic used in sports ware, automotive and even Legos.


Do you have all the sizes for men & women?

Yes. A good snug fit is key to getting the most out of these digging gloves, mainly because if it’s loose, the glove claws feel unstable and the movement will be ineffective. That’s why we carry many sizes for Women & Men.


There are a lot of Chinese copies of the digging gloves. Are they just as good?

The Brand that is copying the digging gloves the most is the Garden Genie. This is a product that is designed by copycats for maximum profit. They are poorly made as you can see in the pictures. When the claws are loose it can injure the user’s fingers because they will inevitably be misaligned with the direction of the hand movement. This is similar to running in loose and unlaced shoes. Sore fingers are inevitable even if your fingers don’t twist because the looseness makes for inefficient movement. Sure it looks good in Ads or pictures but using them is frankly unsafe. This is not a sales pitch, some of our customers have purchased both & I have personally tried them out as well. But for efficiency, safety & versatility you’re better off using a quality product that is designed & tested by gardeners for years.


Are Grip Claws better than regular Digging gloves?

Grip claws are more versatile and offer claws that can Grip & Feel the objects you grasp. With regular claw Digging gloves you don’t get the benefit of a grippy material because the claw material is hard plastic, reducing the grip. Grippy claws ( ‘Tactile Fingerprints’ ) are a patented technology proprietary to Wolverine Digging Gloves… ( Until the Chinese make a cheap copy of it… kidding 😉


Sizes – What is the ideal fit for this product?

In order to purchase the correct size, you need to measure your hand around the palm like in the diagram on the Sizing Chart. Then match the numbers according to the size. Our gloves sizes will match the measurements in the Sizing Chart. BTW – it’s a standard Sizing Chart that can be used for all gloves. – – – A word to the wise – – Do yourself a favor and avoid any digging glove that only comes in one size. This will save you a lot of grief.


Do the claws need to be Sealed all the way around the perimeter of the finger ?

Absolutely, because it’s the only way to maintain the alignment of the claws with your fingers. Furthermore, a properly fitting glove is also necessary. That’s why we offer many sizes. Well made Digging gloves should have three claws permanently sealed all the way around the fingers with an eco-friendly glue. Our factory Quality Control team inspects every pair of gloves with a series of tests that ensures the glove & claws are properly sealed and will not fall off or tear at the seams.


Do you have Children’s sizes?

They are scheduled to be released next season


Is the regular ( Non- grip ) claw the same as on the Grip model?

The claw on the Grip model is shortened slightly because the Grip model is not just for digging. Its designed to be a more versatile glove and used for more than just gardening. They are still just as effective for digging as the longer ( Regular ) claw. The regular claw is great for gardening & digging although the longer claws can be more than you need when your task doesn’t require claws. The Grip model claws are a bit shorter because the glove is designed for a wider range of usage outside of gardening.


Is this an American Product? – So What?

Yes. The Honey Badger, & Wolverine are American Brands that develop premium products and carry local inventory as well.  Chinese copies like Garden Genie ( Or similar ) will always try to jump on the bandwagon when any product trends in popularity, which many times compromises the safety of the unsuspecting buyer. But some simple research will reveal that they are a knock-off novelty and soon they’ll be off to copy the next popular product. There is always a market for low end items, and who doesn’t like a good bargain… but consider the value of keeping your hands protected from the elements as well as the benefits using a properly engineered product.


Are the Grip fingerprints only for Women?

Currently yes. We had many Women try them during testing and the feedback was very positive. Next season we’ll have Men’s as well.